HydroCosmos has developed a tool for computing large networks under pressure. It is ideal for analysing drinkable water networks.

Based on the graph theory, the tool automatically detects independent parts of the network. Flow in the pipes is computed from the head at the nodes of the network. Head is computed by a system of non linear equations. It is solved by the generalized Newton method. In order to speed-up computations for large networks, modern numerical techniques are integrated into the tool, e. g. the automatically numbering of nodes, diagonal matrixes, matrix inversion. Thus networks with several ten thousand pipes can be analysed.

The following structures can be integrated:

  • Junctions with constant outflow (consumer) and / or their characteristic flow-pressure relation (allowing to model hydrants);
  • Valves, controlled pressure regulation;
  • Reservoirs;
  • Pumps with their caracteristics;
  • Pipes with energy according to Colebrook-White.

Data, models and results are managed by the interface DuMap, which offers also GIS tools for visualisation.


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