« Yes, how many years can a mountain exist before it’s washed to the sea? »

Robert Zimmermann (Bob Dylan), American singer and songwriter

Sediment transport is the motor of morphology and fluvial dynamic of a water course due to erosion and sedimentation. These phenomena are essential for the ecology of a water course. The prevent from clogging with fine material and have a positive impact on spawning grounds. But they are also a risk, destroying banks and hydraulic structures and sedimentation increases the inundation risk.

Thus, sediment transport and sedimentation is one of our main concern when planning and designing mitigation or restoration measures. We are also involved in project for restoration of a natural morphodynamic downstream of hydropower plants. We advise community wishing to establish an operation agreement for a gravel plant.


Sediment transport computation, operation agreement for gravel plant, Approval for gravel plant, Survey of morphological evolution, restoration of morphodynamics


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