« Clever heads protect themselves. »

Campaign promoting helmets for biking of the Swiss Office for Accident Prevention (bfu)

Danger is not a synonym of risk. Based on the experience with hazard assessment HydroCosmos can also evaluate risks for persons, goods and infrastructures. Mitigation measures, warning and intervention can then be planned to protect particular vulnerable objects in order to prevent loss of human life and important damage to infrastructures or interruption of important supplies.

For constructions in dangerous areas a study of a specialist is required to get authorities approval. This study concerns the safety of the construction against natural hazard and its impacts as erosion, water pressure. Any measure taken to protect a particular object must not endanger neighbour constructions.

HydroCosmos supplies hydrological and hydraulic expertises including local hazard assessment taking into account topographical modification due to the project and design of structural mitigation measures.


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