« A lack of care is worse than a lack of science. »

Benjamin Franklin, American scientist and politician

The condition of water courses changes with floods, vegetal growth and human activity. A continuous maintenance of water courses is thus necessary to preserve its various functions, as safety, natural habitat and recreation space.

The challenge of a maintenance plan can be described as follows:

  • Flood mitigation: prevent risks due to sedimentation, erosion and damages on mitigation structures or the reduction of the flow section.
  • Preserve the ecological functions by maintaining the ecosystem, control of eutrophication and invasive plants or trimming of woody banks.
  • Regulation of leisure activities (public paths, aquatic sports ...)

Based on hazard assessment, ecological issues and social and economic interests, we define the priorities and the interventions necessary to maintain a water course in a good condition.


Diagnostics of need of maintenance, priority of watercourses, description of intervention, maps for intervention


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